Влияние энтомофильного опыления на урожайность подсолнечника
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НЕЙКОВЧЕНА, Юлия; AUTOR, Nou. Влияние энтомофильного опыления на урожайность подсолнечника. In: Ştiinţă, educaţie, cultură . Vol.1, 9 februarie 2018, Comrat. Comrat, Republica Moldova: Universitatea de Stat din Comrat, 2018, pp. 137-139. ISBN 978-9975-83-057-7.
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Ştiinţă, educaţie, cultură
Vol.1, 2018
Conferința "Ştiinţă, educaţie, cultură"
Comrat, Moldova, 9 februarie 2018

Влияние энтомофильного опыления на урожайность подсолнечника

CZU: 638.19
Pag. 137-139

Нейковчена Юлия, Autor Nou
Комратский госуниверситет
Disponibil în IBN: 20 decembrie 2018


Field-cropping is one of the most important branches of the agro-industrial complex of Moldova.  To increase the number of crops and improve quality, it is necessary to work together with beekeepers.  All field farmers for a long time know that the yield and quality of the harvest of sunflower very much depends on pollination of flowers of this culture by insects. The main place in pollination is occupied by honey bees, while a full yield and high quality of seeds are not at all conceivable without the participation of bees.  The absence or insufficient number of bees near the field of sunflower, and hence the incomplete pollination, is one of the main reasons for empty grains, that is, the formation of a large number of frail seeds.

bee families, pollination, sunflower, influence, Yield