Globalization, regionalization, triadization
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POPESCU, Ion; ENESCU, Maria; ENESCU, Marian; MERUŢA, Alexandrina. Globalization, regionalization, triadization. In: Analele Universităţii Libere Internaţionale din Moldova (Seria Economie). 2009, nr. 9, pp. 102-107. ISSN 1857-1468.
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Analele Universităţii Libere Internaţionale din Moldova (Seria Economie)
Numărul 9 / 2009 / ISSN 1857-1468

Globalization, regionalization, triadization

Pag. 102-107

Popescu Ion1, Enescu Maria2, Enescu Marian2, Meruţa Alexandrina2
1 Spiru Haret University, Bucharest,
2 Free International University of Moldova
Disponibil în IBN: 20 decembrie 2016


In recent decades, the processes of intensification of the global economy have been deeply marked by the phenomenon of internationalization of trade, deepening the global division of labor on the one hand, and increasing economic interdependence of countries on the other hand, which have considerable advantages, but in many cases and disadvantages. Countries that have chosen globalization as an objective to normalize their economic life, as required by the modern market economy, have settled a number of issues, including the reorientation of its economic external improvement of external relations, improving regional relations and finding "the place its "in the international community, are major goals for each country in the globalization of economic life in the Third Millennium. For Romania, the economy of developing adjustment problems in her relationships and world standards are particularly related to current trends and targets of progress through its forms, as globalization.

globalization, regionalization, crisis,