Study of magnetic field and ultraviolet activation in geese eggs hatching
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SCRIPNIC, Elena, MODVALĂ, Susana. Study of magnetic field and ultraviolet activation in geese eggs hatching. In: Scientific Papers Series D. Animal Science, 13-14 septembrie 2012, București. București, România: CERES Publishing House, 2012, Volume LV, pp. 235-238. ISSN ISSN 1843 – 6048 has been replace by ISSN 2285 – 5750; CD-ROM ISSN 2285-5769, ISSN-L 2285-5750.
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Scientific Papers Series D. Animal Science
Volume LV, 2012
Sesiunea "Scientific Papers Series D. Animal Science"
București, Romania, 13-14 septembrie 2012

Study of magnetic field and ultraviolet activation in geese eggs hatching

Pag. 235-238

Scripnic Elena, Modvală Susana
State Agrarian University of Moldova
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The hatching eggs disinfection it is a very important process of eggs hatching technology. The results of hatching
process as well depend on the method of eggs disinfection before the incubation starts. Method of hatching eggs
disinfection needs to be chosen in that way to improve the hatching eggs without harming pre and post development of
poultry youth.Using of ultraviolet activation and different systems of magnetic fieldled to increase hatching index of
geese eggs, better results of hatchability had the geese eggs after using magnetic field in system of permanent activation
during 15 minutes and it was 75.3% in last experience or higher by 1.7% comparing with control group.Studding the
embryo death during the hatching period there was established that the magnetic field used in permanent system during
15 minutes had a positive influence on this index and there was noticed the difference between first and control groups
of 1.7 % for first group.Studding the number of received goslings of first quality there was noticed that it was higher in
the second group wheresystem of split magnetic field was used during 10 minutes and it was higher comparing with
control group by 4.2%.

eggs hatching, magnetic field, ultraviolet activating, Goslings