Women that have changed the history
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2020-02-29 16:22
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396(091) (3)
Antropologie culturală. Ethnografie. Obiceiuri. Tradiții. Datini. Mod de viață. Folclor (1613)
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MIHAI, Aurelia. Women that have changed the history. In: The contemporary issues of the socio-humanistic sciences. X, 5-6 decembrie 2019, Chişinău. Chişinău: Tipografia "Print Caro", 2019, pp. 56-57. ISBN 978-9975-3371-4-4.
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The contemporary issues of the socio-humanistic sciences
X, 2019
Conferința "International Scientific Conference dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the foundation of Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences: ch"
Chişinău, Moldova, 5-6 decembrie 2019

Women that have changed the history

CZU: 396(091)

Pag. 56-57

Mihai Aurelia
Free International University of Moldova
Disponibil în IBN: 13 februarie 2020


This article represents the biography of women that have changed the world history, as we know the women fight in a men’s world has always existed. Thousands of women from different ages had confronted the prejudices and had proved that it was possible to be heard, to express themselves and their point of view to be taken into consideration, they had proved that dreams and ideas could become real even in a men’s world. A long time ago women hadn’t any rights, -  and their word had no power, but there were some exceptions of women that had changed totally the woman’ perception in society, they had regained a social position and they were at the same level with men. And the names of those strong women will resonate always in history.

woman, society, power, Fight, social statute, ideas, history, development, independence, name