Применение ростовых веществ в инкрустации семян кукурузы
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2020-01-31 13:36
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БОРОВСКАЯ, Ала; МАЩЕНКО, Наталия; ГУРЕВ, Анжела; ИВАНОВА, Раиса. Применение ростовых веществ в инкрустации семян кукурузы. In: Aspecte ameliorative în ameliorarea plantelor. 6 septembrie 2018, Pașcani. Pașcani: 2018, pp. 87-93.
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Aspecte ameliorative în ameliorarea plantelor 2018
Conferința "Aspecte ameliorative în ameliorarea plantelor"
Pașcani, Moldova, 6 septembrie 2018

Применение ростовых веществ в инкрустации семян кукурузы

Pag. 87-93

Боровская Ала1, Мащенко Наталия12, Гурев Анжела2, Иванова Раиса1
1 Институт Генетики, Физиологии и Защиты Растений,
2 Технический Университет Молдовы
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The possibilities of application the complex of the sodium salt of carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) the drug "ecostim" allowed for use in the territory of the Republic of Moldova, for encrusting of corn seeds have been studied. The furostanol-type steroidal glycoside tomatoside isolated from tomato seeds is the active ingredient of this growth-regulating drug. It has been established that seed treatment with a complex encrusting mixture in the composition of a 0.01% aqueous solution of "ecostim" and 2% CMC has a positive effect on the indicators of the germination energy and total germination. The use of this complex of substances contributes to the increase in the length of maize rootlets as compared to the check, regardless of the concentration of CMC and the length of seedlings in case of use 1% CMC.

corn seed, encrust, sodium salt of carboxymethylcellulose, Ecostim, germination energy, total germination