Determination of quality indicators of Prut river water
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2019-12-06 13:53
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DUCA, Gheorghe; MEREUTA, Aliona; VELISCO, Natalia; TANASELIA, Claudiu; MITINA, Tatiana. Determination of quality indicators of Prut river water. In: Chemistry Journal of Moldova. 2019, nr. 1(14), pp. 61-67. ISSN 1857-1727.
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Chemistry Journal of Moldova
Numărul 1(14) / 2019 / ISSN 1857-1727 /ISSNe 2345-1688

Determination of quality indicators of Prut river water

CZU: 543.3:556.531
DOI: 10.19261/cjm.2018.541
Pag. 61-67

Duca Gheorghe1, Mereuta Aliona2, Velisco Natalia2, Tanaselia Claudiu3, Mitina Tatiana1
1 Institute of Chemistry,
2 State University „Dimitrie Cantemir”,
3 Research Institute for Analytical Instrumentation, ICIA Cluj-Napoca
Disponibil în IBN: 8 iulie 2019


This study presents an assessment of water quality of Prut River using the Water Quality Index (WQI), calculated according to the weighted arithmetic water quality index method. The following quality indicators were considered: pH, total dissolved solids, hardness, chemical oxygen demand, dissolved oxygen, sulphate, nitrate, and ammonium ions and heavy metals (Mn, Cd, Pb, Hg, Ni, Cu, and Zn) concentrations. The obtained results show that the water of Prut River may be classified according to WQI as good water quality of grade B for sampling points Sculeni and Cislita-Prut villages, and very poor water quality of grade D collected in the sampling point Criva village.