Raman scattering of Ge-As-Se thin films
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2019-04-18 21:38
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IASENIUC, Oxana; IOVU, Mihail; GHIULNARE, A.; MESTERCA, Raluca; JDERU, A.; ENACHESCU, Marius. Raman scattering of Ge-As-Se thin films. In: Telecommunications, Electronics and Informatics. 6, 24-27 mai 2018, Chișinău. Chișinău, Republica Moldova: Tehnica UTM, 2018, pp. 124-127. ISBN 978-9975-45-540-4.
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Telecommunications, Electronics and Informatics
6, 2018
Conferința "Telecommunications, Electronics and Informatics"
Chișinău, Moldova, 24-27 mai 2018

Raman scattering of Ge-As-Se thin films

Pag. 124-127

Iaseniuc Oxana1, Iovu Mihail1, Ghiulnare A.2, Mesterca Raluca2, Jderu A.2, Enachescu Marius2
1 Institute of Applied Physics, Academy of Sciences of Moldova,
2 University Politehnica of Bucharest
Disponibil în IBN: 29 mai 2018


  Raman and infrared spectroscopy are efficient methods for obtaining information on the local structure of the disordered material, especially when the composition is varied. In particular, Micro-Raman spectroscopy have been used for study of the ternary glass system GexAsxSe1-2x, for which different composition in dependence of it mean coordination number Z exists in different phases - floppy, intermediate and stressed rigid. In this paper we report experimental results and analysis of Micro-Raman spectra for both thermally as-deposited and laser irradiated amorphous GexAsxSe1-2x (x=0.07; 0.09 and 0.14, Z=2.21; 2.27 and 2.42, respectively) thin films, of which glassy system situated in the region of floppy and intermediate phases. It was shown that for all investigated samples the measured MicroRaman spectra consists from three vibrational modes located around ν=193 cm-1, ν=255 cm-1 and ν=475 cm-1. It was shown that position and intensity of these vibrational bands slightly depend on the composition and method of preparation. It was established that for Ge0.14As0.14Se0.72 composition with the mean coordination number Z=2.42, situated in the region of intermediate phase, the probability of existence of the tetragonal (pyramids As(Se1/2)3 and tetrahedral structural units Ge(Se1/2)4 is the same. For all samples of the glass composition Ge0.14As0.14Se0.72 the ratio of the intensity of both main vibration peaks centered around ν=193 cm-1 and ν=255 cm-1 remain unchanged. ν  

amorphous thin films, Raman spectra, light irradiation,

vibration modes