Phonon assisted two-qubit subradiant state preparation
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2019-10-18 15:49
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CECOI, Elena; CIORNEA, Viorel; MACOVEI, Mihai. Phonon assisted two-qubit subradiant state preparation. In: Telecommunications, Electronics and Informatics. 6, 24-27 mai 2018, Chișinău. Chișinău, Republica Moldova: 2018, pp. 122-123. ISBN 978-9975-45-540-4.
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Telecommunications, Electronics and Informatics
6, 2018
Conferința "Telecommunications, Electronics and Informatics"
Chișinău, Moldova, 24-27 mai 2018

Phonon assisted two-qubit subradiant state preparation

Pag. 122-123

Cecoi Elena, Ciornea Viorel, Macovei Mihai
Institute of Applied Physics, Academy of Sciences of Moldova
Disponibil în IBN: 29 mai 2018


We investigate phonon asisted two-qubit subradiant state population in the long time limit. The system of interest consists from a laser-pumped two-level qubit pair embedded in a substrate. The subradiant state gets populated in the steady-state and this occurs due to phonon processes mediated by the laser pumping effects.  

two-level qubits, subradiant states, entanglement,