Cyanobacteria for bioremediation of wastewaters
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ZINICOVSCAIA, Inga, CEPOI, Liliana. Cyanobacteria for bioremediation of wastewaters. In: Cyanobacteria for Bioremediation of Wastewaters, 1 ianuarie 2016, New York. New York, SUA : Springer International Publishing, 2016, pp. 1-124. ISBN 978-331926751-7, 978-331926749-4. DOI:
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Cyanobacteria for Bioremediation of Wastewaters 2016
Sesiunea "Cyanobacteria for Bioremediation of Wastewaters"
New York, Statele Unite ale Americii, 1 ianuarie 2016

Cyanobacteria for bioremediation of wastewaters


Pag. 1-124

Zinicovscaia Inga12, Cepoi Liliana3
1 Joint Institute of Nuclear Research,
2 Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova,
3 Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology of the ASM
Disponibil în IBN: 30 ianuarie 2023


This book reflects the use of cyanobacteria for the bioremediation of wastewater through different mechanisms and pathways of transformation and transfer of hazardous substances from one medium to another. The application of microorganisms for bioremediation is determined by their ubiquity, small size, high rate of reproduction and large surface-to-volume cell ratio. Mechanisms of interaction of cyanobacteria with inorganic pollutants include biosorption, bioaccumulation with an opportunity to obtain metal nanoparticles both on the cell surface and inside the cells as well as chelation and inclusion of metals in the composition of certain organic structures. Data presented in the book provides specialists in the field with useful information for bioremediation technologies as well as for obtaining valuable preparations using cyanobacteria. 

Biochemistry, bioremediation, Biotechnology, cell membranes, facsimile, metal nanoparticles, pollution