Remodeling the cosmogonic elements „water”and„fire” in the contemporary Romanian literature of Bessarabia
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NIŢĂ-COCIERU, Mariana. . In: Identities in Globalisation. Intercultural Perspectives Literature. Ediția a 6-a, Lite, 25 mai 2019, Tîrgu Mureş,. Tîrgu Mureş, România: The Alpha Institute for Multicultural Studies, 2019, pp. 286-295. ISBN 978-606-8624-19-8.
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Identities in Globalisation. Intercultural Perspectives
Ediția a 6-a, Lite, 2019
Conferința "Identities in Globalisation. Intercultural Perspectives"
Tîrgu Mureş,, Romania, 25 mai 2019

Remodeling the cosmogonic elements „water”and„fire” in the contemporary Romanian literature of Bessarabia

Pag. 286-295

Niţă-Cocieru Mariana
“Bogdan Petriceicu-Hasdeu” Institute of Romanian Philology
Disponibil în IBN: 4 noiembrie 2020


In this approach, we will follow the process of remodeling cosmogonic elements „water‖ and „fire‖ in the contemporary Romanian literature of Bessarabia according to the popular poetic code. Even if symbolic code changes was made, we will point out that, however, it remains within the perimeter of the updated folkloric model, and only the configuration elements are different due to the change of the discursive register. The analytical strategy will consist in investigating intertextual contamination at the level of the symbolic system, identifying the level of preservation of the folkloric figurative element and thesaurus within the text of the stylistic constants. In addition, the modalities of mutual assimilation and configuration of certain rhetorical constraints in the internal structure of the literary text will be determined, with the purpose of exploring the value of these elements, the diversion of the collage effects to the folk-type dialogue unit. Thus, we will determine how he influenced the transcription of the folk-producing experience of the formation of additional meanings by intertextual enrichment of archetypal symbolic codes and the potentiation in the thematic network of a new imaginary universe through subtle correspondences and artistic reverberations.

cosmogonic elements, water, fire, folklore, literature, symbol, ethnofolkloric constituents

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