Некоторые аспекты психологического консультирования в школе
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2020-10-29 19:37
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ГУРОВ, Каролина; УЛМАНУ, Лучия. Некоторые аспекты психологического консультирования в школе . In: Psihologie, revista ştiinţifico-practică . 2009, nr. 2, pp. 45-54. ISSN 1857-2502.
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Psihologie, revista ştiinţifico-practică
Numărul 2 / 2009 / ISSN 1857-2502 /ISSNe 2537-6276

Некоторые аспекты психологического консультирования в школе

Pag. 45-54

Гуров Каролина, Улману Лучия
CDR „Armonie” al DGETS
Disponibil în IBN: 7 decembrie 2013


By this article we will try to reflect some particular aspects of activities of school psychologist in counseling. The counseling activities of school psychologist differ from that of counseling centers, since the psychologist is directly in the medium, in which the life of potential clients discloses. He is a witness of interpersonal relationships between pupils and teachers. The school psychologist perceives every pupil or teacher neither as a unit nor a client, but as a system of relations, interactions and consults together with other directions of activities. We will also propose a study reflecting the problems being often set to school psychologist. The proposed data will be useful when revealing the topical issues, which exist at present in educational establishments. This article also contains some exercises aimed at development of abilities of efficient psychological counselor.

школьный психолог, психолого-педагогическое консультирование,

психологическое консультирование, взаимоотношения