Gândire etică: argumente morale pentru acțiuni morale practice
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Moral philosophy. Ethics. Practical philosophy (390)
SM ISO690:2012
PRICOP, Laura. Gândire etică: argumente morale pentru acțiuni morale practice. In: Şcoala internaţională de metodologie în ştiinţele socioumane: Educație și gândire critică, 17-18 noiembrie 2022, Chişinău. Chișinău, Republica Moldova: Universitatea de Stat din Moldova, 2022, Ediția a 5-a, p. 31. ISBN 978-9975-159-95-1.
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Şcoala internaţională de metodologie în ştiinţele socioumane
Ediția a 5-a, 2022
Conferința "Şcoala internaţională de metodologie în ştiinţele socioumane"
Chişinău, Moldova, 17-18 noiembrie 2022

Gândire etică: argumente morale pentru acțiuni morale practice

Ethical thinking: moral arguments for practical moral actions

CZU: 172

Pag. 31-31

Pricop Laura
Universitatea "Alexandru Ioan Cuza", Iaşi
Disponibil în IBN: 24 iulie 2023


Moral reasoning is the same as all reasoning due to the fact it involves premises and conclusions. The difference between moral reasoning and the others is that, by Shafer-Landau (2012), ethical thinking should have two complementary goals – getting right and being able to back up the views. Saunders (2013) is challenging this perspective sustaining that moral judgment is more than an application of domain-general reasoning to ethical questions and the that people’s moral judgments are reliably influenced by their emotions, especially disgust and happiness. In addition to these competing perspective, Nagel (2007/1970) bring into discussion a conception of ethics according to which some moral principles state rational conditions on desire and action, especially in the case of altruism. Since we are morally obliged to devote a significant proportion of our resources to helping others (Singer 2015) what are the effective arguments for moral action in the case of altruistic actions? The paper will further discuss the arguments underlying effective altruism (Singer 2015, MacAskill, W. 2019) and the relations that prudent calculations develop with time, affecting both the present and future.

raționament moral, validitate, altruism efectiv, altruism rațional,

moral reasoning, validity, effective altruism, rational altruism