Modern use of Communicative teaching approach in Medical English
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2023-08-29 20:10
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CAZAC, Viorica, ŞIMANSCHI, Marcela, MAXIAN, Liuba, SCUTELNIC, Raisa. Modern use of Communicative teaching approach in Medical English. In: Достижения и проблемы современной науки , 3 aprilie 2016, Saint-Petersburg. Санкт-Петербург, Россия: Научный журнал ''Globus'', 2016, Ediția a VII-a, pp. 106-112. ISSN 2218-2268.
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Достижения и проблемы современной науки
Ediția a VII-a, 2016
Conferința "Достижения и проблемы современной науки"
Saint-Petersburg, Rusia, 3 aprilie 2016

Modern use of Communicative teaching approach in Medical English

Pag. 106-112

Cazac Viorica, Şimanschi Marcela, Maxian Liuba, Scutelnic Raisa
”Nicolae Testemițanu” State University of Medicine and Pharmacy
Disponibil în IBN: 10 februarie 2022


It is of major importance in nowadays the use and implementation of modern languages teaching methods due to globalization and the rapid growth of specialized communication. Hav-ing good English communication skills does not only imply the knowledge of the professional language but also it can facilitate mutual understanding and cooperation within the global world. The English teaching learning process based on the learners’ language purposes and needs has led to the development of so-called English for specialists or English for Specific Purposes (ESP). Teaching /learning process of specialized language is focused mainly on com-munication skills with professional orientation caused by constant global development of inter-cultural communication ;trends of university curriculum modernization ; teaching/learning op-timization of language assessment ;proper management of teaching/learning methodologies in the universities. This study mainly describes the importance of English language acquisition by means of developing communicative skills within students that learn medicine in developing countries as well as the role of the ESP teachers and the training courses they take. This work, also, determines the CLT approach principles, which support the view that ESP teaching must be directed to communication. This research aims at investigating new trends and variety of techniques some of which will be new; some of them are already widely implemented within the classes that are mainly focused on medical issues demands, special skills acquisition, knowledge, and experience.

ESP, communication skills, medical students, specialized language, CLT, medical terminology