Physical Peculiarities of Corona-Discharge Motors
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2019-07-19 09:20
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GROSU, Fiodor; BOLOGA, Mircea; MOTORIN, Oleg; KOZHEVNIKOV, Igor; POLIKARPOV, Albert. Physical Peculiarities of Corona-Discharge Motors. In: Surface Engineering and Applied Electrochemistry. 2018, nr. 6(54), pp. 585-592. ISSN 1068-3755.
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Surface Engineering and Applied Electrochemistry
Numărul 6(54) / 2018 / ISSN 1068-3755 /ISSNe 1934-8002

Physical Peculiarities of Corona-Discharge Motors

DOI: 10.3103/S1068375518060042
Pag. 585-592

Grosu Fiodor, Bologa Mircea, Motorin Oleg, Kozhevnikov Igor, Polikarpov Albert
Institute of Applied Physics
Disponibil în IBN: 4 februarie 2019


This work is aimed at the study of the corona-discharge motor (CDM), whose torque is produced due to the electric dipole moment, which appears at the corona discharge. The physical mechanisms and features of the CDM operation that allow us to form a calculation base for the design and construction of the CDM, are identified and discussed. The motor power consumption, dipole moment generation, rotor torque as well as some specific effects inherent to this type of motor, arising from numerical calculations which take the pulse character of the supply voltage of the corona discharge into account, are considered. It is found that the motor rotation at a constant angular rate and a synchronous rotation with the torque are impossible. The obtained results can be used as a prerequisite for engineering calculations of the corona-discharge motors.