Elogiu limbii rămâne
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811.135.1'1 (76)
Balkan Romance / Balkan Romanic languages (1454)
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DUMITRU, Mircea. Elogiu limbii rămâne. In: Limba Română , 2023, nr. 7-12(285-290), pp. 21-28. ISSN 0235-9111.
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Limba Română
Numărul 7-12(285-290) / 2023 / ISSN 0235-9111

Elogiu limbii rămâne

Eulogy of the Romanian language

CZU: 811.135.1'1

Pag. 21-28

Dumitru Mircea
Universitatea din Bucureşti
Disponibil în IBN: 12 decembrie 2023


The paper delves into Mihai Eminescu's engagement with Immanuel Kant's philosophical works, focusing on his unique approach to translating and interpreting these philosophical texts. The study highlights Eminescu's ability to develop and transform the Romanian literary and scientific language through his encounters with major universal works and scientific or cultural creations. The paper also discusses the challenges of translating philosophical terms from one language to another, emphasizing how the English translations of key philosophical concepts can impact the modulation of philosophical thought. The author encourages continuous cultivation and development of the vocabulary for philosophical discourse, emulating Eminescu's method of creating a flexible and nuanced language for expressing various shades of philosophical thought.

Mihai Eminescu, Immanuel Kant, translation of philosophical texts, Romanian literary and scientific language, modulation of philosophical thought, vocabulary for philosophical discourse, flexibility and nuance in language