Programele de dezvoltare economică ale SUA: aspectul metodologic
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GRIBINCEA, Alexandru, PRODAN, Marina, GHERGHINA, Virgil, COLŢEA, Traian, PENCEA, Daniel. Programele de dezvoltare economică ale SUA: aspectul metodologic. In: Analele Universităţii Libere Internaţionale din Moldova (Seria Economie), 2010, nr. 10, pp. 65-75. ISSN 1857-1468.
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Analele Universităţii Libere Internaţionale din Moldova (Seria Economie)
Numărul 10 / 2010 / ISSN 1857-1468

Programele de dezvoltare economică ale SUA: aspectul metodologic

Pag. 65-75

Gribincea Alexandru1, Prodan Marina2, Gherghina Virgil1, Colţea Traian1, Pencea Daniel1
1 Universitatea Liberă Internaţională din Moldova,
2 Universitatea de Stat din Moldova
INTAS Marker-assisted breeding of new seedless grapevine varieties with resistance to stressful environmental conditions
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BEA services trade data presented here are published by type of service, not by industry of the respondent, and cover international transactions in private services, which exclude government transactions. The category research, development, and testing services (RDT) is a component of business, professional, and technical services (BPT). Examples of other categories within BPT are computer and information services and management and consulting services. BPT, in turn, is a major category of private services. Other categories within private services include financial services, travel services, telecommunications, and royalties and licensing fees. An international transaction (cross-border trade) is a transaction between a U.S. resident and a foreign resident, regardless of ownership considerations. In international trade statistics, "residency" refers to both location and economic activity in a given country. Thus, affiliates of MNCs are regarded as residents of the countries where they are located rather than as residents of the countries of their owners. Separately, cross-border trade among entities within and outside of MNCs can be identified, allowing a profile of trade statistics for private services in terms of intracompany or affiliated trade and cross-company or unaffiliated trade. Unaffiliated and affiliated trade data are available with different details: the former by country of trading partner; the latter by ownership. Trade balance is defined as exports minus imports. Services exports are measured by receipts, or sales. Services imports are payments, or purchases. Trade surplus refers to a positive trade balance.

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