Elucidation of the BioR remedy impact on the female rabbits` lactation capacity in an implementation study
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2020-03-25 17:59
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MACARI, Vasile; MAŢENCU, Dumitru; RUDIC, Valeriu; ROTARU, Ana. Elucidation of the BioR remedy impact on the female rabbits` lactation capacity in an implementation study. In: Microbial Biotechnology. Ediția 4, 11-12 octombrie 2018, Chișinău. Chișinău, Republica Moldova: Institutul de Microbiologie şi Biotehnologie, 2018, p. 72. ISBN 978-9975-3178-8-7.
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Microbial Biotechnology
Ediția 4, 2018
Conferința "Microbial Biotechnology"
Chișinău, Moldova, 11-12 octombrie 2018

Elucidation of the BioR remedy impact on the female rabbits` lactation capacity in an implementation study

Pag. 72-72

Macari Vasile1, Maţencu Dumitru1, Rudic Valeriu2, Rotaru Ana1
1 Universitatea Agrară de Stat din Moldova,
2 Universitatea de Stat de Medicină şi Farmacie „Nicolae Testemiţanu“
Disponibil în IBN: 19 februarie 2019


Animal breeding and exploitation in the conditions of intensification and industrialization of this branch of economy represents a difficult chapter of the modern animal husbandry. In relation to the type and degree of stress factors aggression, unconditionally occurring in such circumstances, the livestock sector is experiencing significant disturbances in both the health and animal welfare, as well as in the productive and reproductive potential of animals. The progress within the basic sciences have allowed better counteraction of these phenomena, giving priority to biologically active remedies of natural, and especially plant origin. The in-depth study of the animal physiological-metabolic processes, treated with biologically active remedies, revealed some of their mechanisms of action, in particular of the BioR remedy, obtained by modern biotechnologies, from Spirulina platensis cyanobacterium. The purpose of the research was to evaluate the influence of the BioR remedy on the health and reproductive potential of the female rabbits, in an implementation study. The researches were conducted under physiological conditions of production, on the New Zealand breed, during the reproductive cycle. The study included a group of 60 female rabbits, divided into 2 lots, 30 animals each. The control lot of rabbits were injected intramuscularly with physiological solution of 1,0 ml/head, twice: 5-7 days previous the mating, and the second time, on the 14th day of gestation. The tested remedy (BioR) was administered in the same terms to the animals from the experimental group, at the dose previously elaborated through two scientific and practical studies – 1,5 ml/head. The female rabbits, as well as their offspring were permanently monitored. During the research, the body temperature, the number of respiratory movements per minute and the cardiac frequency were determined, at 7 female rabbits, in both groups. For laboratory investigations, at the beginning of the study, blood was collected from 5 animals, randomized, and the second time, from 5 animals from each group, at the end of the study, at the 45th day of lactation. The offspring were weighted all at once (from each female rabbit): at the 1st day of birth, and afterwards, at the 10th, 21st, 30th day after birth. The 5th weighing of the bunnies was performed individually, at the end of the study, at the 45th day after birth. The BioR remedy, during the 80-day experiment, did not cause side effects or other deviations in the health of the female rabbits and their offspring. It has also been established that the investigated clinical and hematological parameters had positive tendencies of manifestation, reflecting both the harmlessness of the remedy, as well as its adaptive and antistress action. The study shows that BioR determines the strengthening of the reproductive potential in female rabbits, which can be defined by: increase of the prolificity, of the live rabbit’s number at birth, as well as the body weight of a rabbit at birth. The lactation capacity, which was determined on the 21st day of lactation, was higher by 941,0 g or 39,0% in relation to the control group, reflected in better productive parameters, at the end of the study. In conclusion, we assert that both the results of the evaluation of the reproduction parameters changes in the BioR treated rabbits and the productive parameters in their descendants, over a period of 45 days of breeding, show that the tested remedy has a good impact on the investigated parameters.