Competenţe psihopedagogice ale profesorului
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GROSU, Ira. Competenţe psihopedagogice ale profesorului. In: Psihologie, revista ştiinţifico-practică . 2012, nr. 1, pp. 25-31. ISSN 1857-2502.
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Psihologie, revista ştiinţifico-practică
Numărul 1 / 2012 / ISSN 1857-2502 /ISSNe 2537-6276

Competenţe psihopedagogice ale profesorului

Pag. 25-31

Grosu Ira
Liceul Teoretic „Gaudeamus“, Chişinău
Disponibil în IBN: 14 decembrie 2013


Psycho-pedagogical competences of the teacher represent the dynamic ways which allow us to view school as an efficient unit for society.The classification that has as a target the psycho-pedagogical competences: emotional, cognitive, communicative; that is related in the article, reflects the essence of professional competences,the importance,the advantages of their manifestation,and the disadvantages of their ignorance. The results of the investigation put into evidence many aspects of teacher’s activity. In their opinion,teachers show the following competences: active listening, pupils’ support, goodwill. The inquiry that is proposed in this article presents a technique which offers awareness and analysis of own psycho-pedagogical competences.

Competenţe psihopedagogice,

competenţe emoţionale, competenţe cognitive, competenţe comunicative