Aspect oriented programming and component assembly
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2017-04-28 22:00
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COLESNICOV, Alexandru; MALAHOV, Ludmila. Aspect oriented programming and component assembly. In: Computer Science Journal of Moldova. 2007, nr. 1(43), pp. 38-53. ISSN 1561-4042.
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Computer Science Journal of Moldova
Numărul 1(43) / 2007 / ISSN 1561-4042

Aspect oriented programming and component assembly
CZU: 004.45

Pag. 38-53

Colesnicov Alexandru, Malahov Ludmila
Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science ASM
Disponibil în IBN: 14 decembrie 2013


The article describes an attempt to use the aspect oriented programming for construction of a graphical user interface from components. Aspects were applied to produce the glue code. Previously some doubts were expressed on possibility of such usage.