Изучение наследования хозяйственно ценных признаков у гибридов F1 перца сладкого
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ДЕМИДОВ, Е., КУШНАРЕВ , Александр, БРОНИЧ, О., ШЛЁМКА, О., КРОПИВЯНСКАЯ, И.. Изучение наследования хозяйственно ценных признаков у гибридов F1 перца сладкого. In: Aspecte ameliorative în ameliorarea plantelor, 6 septembrie 2018, Pașcani. Pașcani: 2018, pp. 428-434.
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Aspecte ameliorative în ameliorarea plantelor 2018
Conferința "Aspecte ameliorative în ameliorarea plantelor"
Pașcani, Moldova, 6 septembrie 2018

Изучение наследования хозяйственно ценных признаков у гибридов F1 перца сладкого

Pag. 428-434

Демидов Е., Кушнарев Александр, Бронич О., Шлёмка О., Кропивянская И.
Disponibil în IBN: 3 februarie 2020


Currently, the priority in the selection of this culture is the creation of heterotic F1 hybrids, which have advantages over varieties. Heterosis effect in pepper is manifested in the increase of early yield, improvement of commercial qualities and biochemical composition of fruits, in adaptation to extreme conditions, less fallout of generative organs. The purpose of the study is to study the degree of variability and inheritance of the main economically valuable traits and to identify patterns in their manifestation for further use in breeding work. When creating heterotic hybrids, both sweet pepper and other vegetable crops, it is very important to study the nature of the inheritance of economically valuable traits. A widely used indicator for characteristic character inheritance in F1 is the degree of dominance (hp). It is equal to the ratio of the difference between the values of the features F1 and the average of the arithmetic parent forms to half the difference in the values of these forms, comparable to the absolute value of the best parent form. According to the established patterns of variability and inheritance of basic economically valuable characteristics, a number of promising hybrid combinations of F1 pepper sweet early maturity have been identified, combining high yields, large-fruited, high biochemical indicators and resistance to diseases. ЗАВИСИМОСТЬ УР

sweet pepper, hybrid F1, variability, inheritance, Heterosis