Henri Coandă – the inventor of jet aircraft
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MANOLEA, Gheorghe. Henri Coandă – the inventor of jet aircraft. In: Journal of Engineering Sciences, 2019, vol. 26, nr. 2, pp. 126-129. ISSN 2587-3474. DOI: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.3254388
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Journal of Engineering Sciences
Volumul 26, Numărul 2 / 2019 / ISSN 2587-3474 /ISSNe 2587-3482

Henri Coandă – the inventor of jet aircraft

CZU: 929:[629.7+533.69](498)

Pag. 126-129

Manolea Gheorghe
University of Craiova
Disponibil în IBN: 26 iunie 2019


The roots of many great Romanians are coming, genealocically speaking, from the Romanian villages. One of these great Romanians was born in Bucharest, but his father was born in Craiova, and his grandfather in Perişor-Dolj, having roots that go back to Tudor Vladimirescu. He studied in his home country, but his activity was acknowledged abroad. Being interested in aeronautics, he studied hard and he had numerous inventions (250 patents). He came back to his homeland in order to initiate the technical activity. After doing that, he left to meet his father, and his grandfather, and maybe with Tudor Vladimirescu, and maybe with other Romanian creators. This great Romanian was Henri Coandă.

et aircraft, Henri Coandă, Coandă effect, lens-shaped aerodyne