Photoelectric properties of nanostuctured layers
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DOROGAN, Valerian; VIERU, Tatiana; VIERU, Stanislav; DOROGAN, Andrei. Photoelectric properties of nanostuctured layers. In: Nanotechnologies and Biomedical Engineering. Editia 2, 18-20 aprilie 2013, Chișinău. Technical University of Moldova, 2013, pp. 115-119. ISBN 978-9975-62-343-8..
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Nanotechnologies and Biomedical Engineering
Editia 2, 2013
Conferința "International Conference on Nanotechnologies and Biomedical Engineering"
2nd Edition, Chișinău, Moldova, 18-20 aprilie 2013

Photoelectric properties of nanostuctured layers

Pag. 115-119

Dorogan Valerian, Vieru Tatiana, Vieru Stanislav, Dorogan Andrei
Technical University of Moldova
Disponibil în IBN: 14 iunie 2019


The paper is focused to study the photosensitivity modulation in crystalline and nanostructured materials. The photoresistor with modulated photosensitivity on the basis of III-V compounds was elaborated. In the results of investigation the photoresistor characteristics and the physical model to modulate photosensitivity are presented. Nanostructured films were formed by selective photo-assisted electro-chemical etching of the nGaP and n-InP substrate and were separated from it by wet chemical etching. Researches of photoelectric characteristics of nanostructured films are presented, modeled and discussed. Photoelectric properties of nanostructured layers make it possible to use such structures for the manufacture of optical detectors and switches.

nanostructured layer, photoconductivity, photoresistor, porous film