Culturi păioase, perspective pentruagricultura Moldovei
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Хлебные злаки. Зерновые культуры (681)
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VEVERIŢĂ, Efimia, ROTARI, Silvia, LEATAMBORG, Svetlana. Culturi păioase, perspective pentruagricultura Moldovei. In: Agronomie şi ecologie, 9-11 octombrie 2013, Chişinău. Chişinău: Centrul editorial UASM, 2013, Vol.39, pp. 307-310. ISBN 978-9975-64-250-7.
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Agronomie şi ecologie
Vol.39, 2013
Simpozionul "Agricultura Modernă – Realizări şi Perspective"
Chişinău, Moldova, 9-11 octombrie 2013

Culturi păioase, perspective pentruagricultura Moldovei

CZU: 633.1(478)

Pag. 307-310

Veveriţă Efimia, Rotari Silvia, Leatamborg Svetlana
Institutul de Genetică, Fiziologie şi Protecţie a Plantelor al AŞM
Disponibil în IBN: 30 mai 2019


New cereal cultures (triticale and winter, spring durum wheat) and spring cultures, have got their place in agriculture of the Republic of Moldova. Institute of Genetics and Plant Physiology for more than 30 years has made investigations of creation new sorts of these plants. In final of this period we have obtained four sorts of triticale (Ingen 93, Ingen 33, Ingen 35); three sorts of winter durum wheat (Auriu 273, Hordeiforme 333, Hordeiforme 335); one of spring durum wheat (Arnaut 7). Now we have at the State Commission in the process of attestation one sort of winter triticale - Ingen 40. New sorts of winter durum wheat – Hordeiforme 339, spring triticale - Primavara 12 we multiply them in the fields of our Institute. All of these sorts of cereal plants are productive and resistance to the biotic and abiotic factors of environment.

albumin, durum wheat, gluten, Productivity, resistance, Triticale

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