Practical Research of Two Structures of Agricultural Solar
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ERMURATSKII, Vladimir, GRITSAI, Mikhail, OLESCHUK, Valentin. Practical Research of Two Structures of Agricultural Solar. In: Sielmen: Proceedings of the 10th international conference on electromechanical and power systems, Ed. 10, 6-9 octombrie 2015, Craiova. Craiova, România: Editura ALMA, 2015, Ediția 10, pp. 536-539. ISBN 978-606-567-284-0.
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Ediția 10, 2015
Conferința "Sielmen"
10, Craiova, Romania, 6-9 octombrie 2015

Practical Research of Two Structures of Agricultural Solar

CZU: 620.92:63

Pag. 536-539

Ermuratskii Vladimir, Gritsai Mikhail, Oleschuk Valentin
Institute of Power Engineering of ASM
Disponibil în IBN: 6 august 2018


This paper presents results of experimental investigation of operation of two constructions of solar greenhouses: 1) greenhouse with on-ground heat accumulator and movable flexible internal heat reflectors, and 2) greenhouse with under-ground accumulator and movable heat reflectors arranged on the outer side of the roof. All measurements of temperature, humidity and solar radiation have been done for temperate climate conditions. Based on results of experiments, recommendations regarding rational use of greenhouses have been formulated.

Greenhouse, heat exchanger, temperature, humidity, solar radiation,

heating accumulator, shield-reflector

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