Presiunile economice asupra jurnalismului din RM: între mit şi existenţă
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BULICANU, Victoria. Presiunile economice asupra jurnalismului din RM: între mit şi existenţă. In: Intertext , 2018, nr. 1-2(45-46), pp. 240-243. ISSN 1857-3711.
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Numărul 1-2(45-46) / 2018 / ISSN 1857-3711 /ISSNe 2345-1750

Presiunile economice asupra jurnalismului din RM: între mit şi existenţă

Economic Pressure on Journalism in the Republic of Moldova: between Myth and Existence

CZU: 070:659.3(478)

Pag. 240-243

Bulicanu Victoria
Universitatea de Stat din Moldova
Disponibil în IBN: 29 iulie 2018


Media in the Republic of Moldova, but also at the international level, signals many existential problems, including the monopolization of the press, its influence by the political circles, but also the economic circumstances, which influence a lot on the quality, objectivity and the veracity of information transmitted to the public. The article mentions that many large-scale media structures have continued to grow in the world, both in the East and in the Western countries - through mergers and acquisitions, but also as a result of the bankruptcy of less competitive companies, and the number of independent editions’ titles has steadily declined. We tried to observe the causes of the poor financial situation of the Moldovan press institutions and whether these are due to certain economic reasons or others of a different kind.

economical censorship, financial interests.,

informational technologies, communication, media legislation, media control

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