Supporting English Language Learners through ICT
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VASILACHI, Serghei. Supporting English Language Learners through ICT. In: Center for Studies in European Integration Working Papers Series, 2017, nr. 7, pp. 25-28. ISSN -.
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Center for Studies in European Integration Working Papers Series
Numărul 7 / 2017 / ISSN - /ISSNe 2537-6187

Supporting English Language Learners through ICT

CZU: 37.02:811.111:004.738.5

Pag. 25-28

Vasilachi Serghei
Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova
Disponibil în IBN: 16 mai 2018


Teaching students to be literate is a high educational priority in the Republic of Moldova, as it is certainly throughout the world. The purpose of the article is to show why the classroom environment undergoes a constant change, and how teachers face the challenge of combining the traditional instruction with the computer-assisted one. For those students who want to become proficient in a new language it is a very difficult transition. Instructors who have taught students learning English as a foreign language know that any language support is helpful for their language acquisition. The methods proposed by Liaw and Kang have demonstrated that students who learn English need a variety of language experiences. We believe that ICTs along with computer literacy can play an integral part in providing ELL students with valuable language experiences as they learn a new language in the context of its both domestic and foreign social value growth


learner, proficiency, fluency, comprehension, software, interaction,