Considerente privind evoluţia statului Republica Moldova
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Формы политической организации. Государство как политическая власть (228)
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VARZARI, Pantelimon. Considerente privind evoluţia statului Republica Moldova. In: Moldoscopie. 2018, nr. 1(80), pp. 150-167. ISSN 1812-2566.
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Numărul 1(80) / 2018 / ISSN 1812-2566

Considerente privind evoluţia statului Republica Moldova

Considerations on the evolution the state of the Republic of Moldova

CZU: [321.01+323](478)
Pag. 150-167

Varzari Pantelimon
Universitatea de Studii Politice şi Economice Europene „Constantin Stere”
Disponibil în IBN: 18 aprilie 2018


The article examines the process of affirmation and development of the Republic of Moldova through the perspective of the political power development and its legitimacy. It identifies and analyzes four stages in state evolution that are found in election cycles and the orientation of the elite of power on the vector of the society development based on the values, norms and its expressed principles. From a new perspective (on the basis of the theoretical and methodological aspects), some relevant trends in the development of political power are identified and elucidated in the context of the new evolutions of the society and duality of state power in the Republic of Moldova after the presidential elections in 2016. In this respect, an increased attention is paid to the analysis of the crisis of political power legitimacy, profound political cleavages (Eastern orienta-tion - western orientation, unionism - Moldovanism and unitarianism – federalism), as well as political instruments or modalities of elite cooperation (the transaction between the elites and their convergence). It is shown that in the case of convergence, elites form the electoral and / or post-electoral (governing) coalitions depending on the political conjuncture created at a certain time, alliances which can be abolished not only beacause of electoral defeats but also during the rule of one or another coalition. It is concluded that to the implementation of the modernizing reforms, in their form and content, must contribute a number of factors, including the capacity to renew traditional political elites in modernizing political elites manifested by the alternation of power of persons and political leaders given by the competition between parties, by changing the verticality of the political power that would be able to modernize the Republic of Moldova on the basis of a new paradigm of government.