Destinul dramatic al filologului martir Ion Vasilenco
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Литература на балканских романских языках (1543)
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COTELNIC, Teodor. Destinul dramatic al filologului martir Ion Vasilenco. In: Filologia modernă: realizări şi perspective în context european. Ediția 11, 10 octombrie 2017, Chișinău. Chișinău, Republica Moldova: "Tipocart Print" SRL, 2017, pp. 62-68. ISBN 978-9975-133-85-2.
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Filologia modernă: realizări şi perspective în context european
Ediția 11, 2017
Colocviul "Filologia modernă: realizări şi perspective în context european"
Ediția 11, Chișinău, Moldova, 10 octombrie 2017

Destinul dramatic al filologului martir Ion Vasilenco

CZU: 821.135.1(478).09(092)
Pag. 62-68

Cotelnic Teodor
Institutul de Filologie al AŞM
Disponibil în IBN: 24 ianuarie 2018


Ion Vasilenco was among the few post-war Bessarabian intellectuals that took position for in support of classical values in the space between Prut and Dniester, a subject that was taboo at that time. Promptly, he also supported the necessity of creating a new orthography, one that would correspond to academic rigors and facilitate its assimilation by the masses. Opposing the chaos of the illiterate 1945 orthography, he supported the reestablishing of fundamental principles of classic traditional orthography, militated for the return to the Latin alphabet, and for this reason he was terrorized and persecuted by the totalitarian communist regime. The writer suffered even more after he published an article about Constantin Stere (on January 17, 1963). The authorities declared him insane, he was forcefully interned in the Costiujeni psycho-neurological hospital and fired, because of invalidity”, with a pension of 47 rubles and 50 kop. Eliminated from public life and terrorized, the unhappy I. Vasilenco, in the morning of March 13, 1977, lied down before a train, close to Visterniceni station, leaving behind the name of a martyr, important papers and articles, highly appreciated by readers.

Bessarabian intellectual, classical values, Latin alphabet, Orthography, martyr, psycho-neurological hospital, writer