Evoluția parlamentarismului în România
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Парламенты. Народные представительства. Правительства (126)
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SOLOMON, Constantin; PIROŞCA, Alina. Evoluția parlamentarismului în România. In: Revista de Filosofie, Sociologie şi Ştiinţe Politice. 2016, nr. 3(172), pp. 52-64. ISSN 1957-2294.
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Revista de Filosofie, Sociologie şi Ştiinţe Politice
Numărul 3(172) / 2016 / ISSN 1957-2294

Evoluția parlamentarismului în România
CZU: 328(498)

Pag. 52-64

Solomon Constantin, Piroşca Alina
Universitatea de Stat din Moldova
INTAS 2004-79-6928 Supporting the International Development of the NIS Agricultural Sector
Disponibil în IBN: 21 noiembrie 2016


The article analyzes the evolution of parliamentarism in Romania in the period 19181938, the year when elections were held based on the principles of participatory democracy of universal suffrage, respectively, which operated last year’s parliamentary democracy Parliament wars. It addresses the parliamentary traditions, from the nineteenth when the threefold effect in the Romanian Organic Regulations. The example of developer status of the Paris Convention (Cuza’s status) which was carried out a new room; Senate, thus passing the bicameral parliamentary system. It analyzes changes and decisive parliamentary political order introduced by the Constitution of 1866 when they laid the foundations for modern legislature. It is emphasized that the Constitution of 1923, opposite Parliament organization remained committed to the principle of bicameralism and the alternation in power of political parties was a reality and were tested different formulas to tackle the problems facing Romania.

Parliament, evolution, electoral campaign, elections, law,