Aderarea României la Uniunea Europeană
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SOLOMON, Constantin; CRISTINEL, Gheorghe-Aurelian. Aderarea României la Uniunea Europeană . In: Moldoscopie. 2016, nr. 3(74), pp. 175-184. ISSN 1812-2566.
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Numărul 3(74) / 2016 / ISSN 1812-2566

Aderarea României la Uniunea Europeană
CZU: 327(498):061.1EU

Pag. 175-184

Solomon Constantin, Cristinel Gheorghe-Aurelian
Universitatea de Stat din Moldova
INTAS 2004-79-6928 Supporting the International Development of the NIS Agricultural Sector
Disponibil în IBN: 16 noiembrie 2016


The present article is an analysis of the negotiations process made by Ro-mania in order to adhere to European Union. The author emphasizes the fact that Romania has deposed the demand for joining EU in 1995, June 22. After European Council decision, made in December 1999 at Helsinki Summit, the process of negotiations has been launched. Starting June 2003 the discussions have been framed in the 31 chapters of negotiations. Those chapters are a result of community Acquis. The results of the negotiations were included into the project of the adherence treaty, after the adherence negotiations were closed. The treaty was approved and signed in 2007, January, 1 and Romania becomes a member of European Union.