German migration policy as a factor in the EU's security threats
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TCACI, Anatolie; CEBOTARI, Svetlana. German migration policy as a factor in the EU's security threats . In: Moldoscopie. 2016, nr. 2(73), pp. 182-195. ISSN 1812-2566.
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Numărul 2(73) / 2016 / ISSN 1812-2566

German migration policy as a factor in the EU's security threats
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Pag. 182-195

Tcaci Anatolie, Cebotari Svetlana
State University of Moldova
INTAS 2004-79-6928 Supporting the International Development of the NIS Agricultural Sector
Disponibil în IBN: 16 noiembrie 2016


Migration crisis in the European Union, aggravated in 2015 was a test both for Germany and for the entire European Union in terms of cohesion and the prospects for further integration in depth. Germany has the largest number of migrants, guided by national interests in foreign policy, based on the proclamation of a "culture of hospitality" and seeking to project its experience in managing migration flows on all EU Member States through the European institutions. This article discusses the foreign policy activity and the immigration policy of Germany in the context of the settlement of the migration crisis in the EU, which causes a number of threats for the EU. These include the threat of exit of some countries from the EU, the threat to the existence of the EU in the current format, and the destabilization of public security, in an officially declared German Chancellor failure of the policy of multiculturalism and the growth of radical sentiment in society.

Germany, the European Union, refugees, national interests, risks and threats,

the foreign policy of Germa-ny, Germany's migration policy, migration policy of the EU, migration crisis, European solidarity

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