Обзор верхнего палеолита Молдавии
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OTTE, Marcel; НУАРЕ, П.; БАЙОН, Лопес. Обзор верхнего палеолита Молдавии. In: Stratum plus. 1999, nr. 1, pp. 160-163. ISSN 1608-9057.
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Stratum plus
Numărul 1 / 1999 / ISSN 1608-9057 /ISSNe 1857-3533

Обзор верхнего палеолита Молдавии

Pag. 160-163

Otte Marcel, Нуаре П., Байон Лопес
Universitatea din Liège
Disponibil în IBN: 10 august 2016


The Survey of the Upper Palaeolithic of Moldova. The existing in Moldova Aurigniacian industries of the lamellar type are represented by the stone collections of 2 kinds: with leafshaped points and backed points with a concave edge. Together with this the Corpach IV industry which includes backed points (segments) must have been related to Gravette. Other industries should not be considered separately and apparently can be grouped under the title «industries de type Paleolithic superieur ancien a points foliacees». They are supposed to spring from the Middle Palaeolithic industries with leaf-shaped pieces (from Micoquian of Central Europe), that were further developed in the Aurignacian direction. If the Aurignacian of Molova has evidently a foreign origin then the Gravette traditions go back to some related centers. It is reflected in the compatibility of backed pieces and leaf-shaped points in one and the same industry, dated back to the early stage of the Upper Palaeolithic. It is clearly seen in the collections of lower layers of Moldova V where homogeneousness of the complex is evident starting with the tenth layer. The appearance of some new types of tools (for instance, shouldered points) in the upper layers of this site does not fail the general stability and the cultural originality of the industry.