Becoming a tree hugger: youth environmentalism in Chişinău, Moldova
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SAMUELSON, Amy. Becoming a tree hugger: youth environmentalism in Chişinău, Moldova. In: Plural. History, Culture, Society, 2013, nr. 1-2, pp. 217-233. ISSN 2345-1262.
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Plural. History, Culture, Society
Numărul 1-2 / 2013 / ISSN 2345-1262 /ISSNe 2345-184X

Becoming a tree hugger: youth environmentalism in Chişinău, Moldova
CZU: 316.444:504.75-053.6(478)

Pag. 217-233

Samuelson Amy
American Anthropological Association
Disponibil în IBN: 15 iunie 2016


This paper focuses on Ecoweek, an environmental project for young people in Moldova, in order to explore the themes of post-Soviet cultural identity construction and the adaptation of Western ideas to local contexts. It considers how Ecoweek participants’ establishment of international connections allowed them to create an environmentalism that was cosmopolitan, yet distinctly Moldovan. Their approach reflects the strong global awareness of many urban young people in Moldova, who often look outside of the country for opportunities. The paper argues that students’ participation in the project was related not just to a determination to solve environmental problems, but also to a desire to be part of a global trend, to gain experience, and to make useful contacts. Moreover, it suggests that the same factors leading the students to produce a globally informed environmentalism also made it difficult to build a lasting movement.

youth, environment, Republic of Moldova,

activism, Chisinau