Глобальные процессы и образование
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Социология культуры. Культурный контекст социальной жизни (801)
Воспитание. Обучение. Образование (14645)
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УРСУЛ, Аркадий, RUSANDU, Ion. Глобальные процессы и образование. In: Revista de Filosofie, Sociologie şi Ştiinţe Politice, 2015, nr. 2(168), pp. 33-45. ISSN 1957-2294.
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Revista de Filosofie, Sociologie şi Ştiinţe Politice
Numărul 2(168) / 2015 / ISSN 1957-2294

Глобальные процессы и образование
CZU: 316.74:37

Pag. 33-45

Урсул Аркадий1, Русанду Иoн2
1 Московский государственный университет имени М.В.Ломоносова,
2 Институт юридических и политических исследований AHM
Disponibil în IBN: 11 decembrie 2015


In article the global processes leading fundamental transformations in area of education are discussed. The special attention is given global revolution in science which begins with its cardinal globalization and orientation to have a possibility of transition to stability progress and following noospheragenez. Process of education globalization, as well as development of new type of education – global education is discussed. Cardinal revolutionary modifications of world education which vector is directed from its modern forms to education for stable progress and formation of noosphera orientation global education are assumed. It is marked at macrolevel priority education dependence from complete society, and at “microlevel” – is priority-substantial dependence on science is shown. Such bilateral education dependence on properties and characteristics of society as a whole, on the one hand, and its most important part – sciences, on the other hand (which also depends on the whole), attests «double determination» evolutionary processes in education. It is marked, that education should will not only be modernized, but also futurizate, in the certain aspects becomes the advancing education effectively giving a way to the desirable global and noospher-stable future.

science globalization, global knowledge, «stable education», educational global studies, advancing education, temporate integrity, stable progress, education futurization,

globalization of education, global education