Est-Etica lui Vasile Romanciuc
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BURLACU, Alexandru. Est-Etica lui Vasile Romanciuc. In: Metaliteratură. 2013, nr. 1-2(32), pp. 31-39. ISSN 1857-1905.
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Numărul 1-2(32) / 2013 / ISSN 1857-1905

Est-Etica lui Vasile Romanciuc

Pag. 31-39

Burlacu Alexandru
Universitatea Pedagogică de Stat „Ion Creangă“ din Chişinău
Disponibil în IBN: 23 februarie 2014


This article is an attempt to approach Vasile Romanciuc’s poetry in the context of the time. The author follows the development of images system, poetic self-identity crisis both to and after the collapse of the Soviet empire. For the Eastern Area writer of the 60s rural poetry/prose is, in its inherent conservatism, an expression of its disharmony with the regime, of an innocent „dissidence”. Namely the ethics of the peasant, shaped over hundreds of years, becomes a way of protest in the totalitarian regime, an East-ethics of a poet less committed to the system. Such East-ethics in the total Soviet deficit looms a beginning of controversy, a beginning of a revolt in the dialogue between official literature and intimate literature. The poets of the 70s were not subversive. Their orientation towards other values than those trumpeted by ideology and Soviet propaganda remains subversive. Among „the disabled of the ideological front”, V. Romanciuc is the most remote and most talented poet of the „third eye” generation.

Vasile Romanciuc, East-ethics, poet of the 60s, Soviet propaganda, „third eye” generation.