Vasile Romanciuc între spiritul modern şi angajarea tradiţiei
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CHIPERI, Grigore. Vasile Romanciuc între spiritul modern şi angajarea tradiţiei. In: Metaliteratură. 2013, nr. 1-2(32), pp. 40-43. ISSN 1857-1905.
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Numărul 1-2(32) / 2013 / ISSN 1857-1905

Vasile Romanciuc între spiritul modern şi angajarea tradiţiei

Pag. 40-43

Chiperi Grigore
Universitatea de Stat din Tiraspol
Disponibil în IBN: 23 februarie 2014


Vasile Romanciuc’s poetry follows the traditional and committed manner - mostly typical for Soviet-era – the same as in the debut volume (1974) until the early 90s, when there comes a change of timbre and register, although not spectacular. Now the emphasis is slowly changing: poetry is crossed by ironical accents and dark tones. All these will be found in his latest books, published in the 2000s.

traditionalism, questioning, attitude,

quartering topic, redefining

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