Modeling economic component of national security
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RYBALCHENKO, Lyudmila, RYZHKOV, Eduard, OHRIMENCO, Serghei. Modeling economic component of national security. In: Philosophy, Economics and Law Review, 2021, vol. 1, nr. 1, pp. 25-36. ISSN 2786-491X. DOI:
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Philosophy, Economics and Law Review
Volumul 1, Numărul 1 / 2021 / ISSN 2786-491X

Modeling economic component of national security

CZU: 330.5+338.26

Pag. 25-36

Rybalchenko Lyudmila1, Ryzhkov Eduard2, Ohrimenco Serghei3
1 University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest Ion Mincu,
2 Dnipropetrovsk State University of Internal Affairs,
3 Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova
Disponibil în IBN: 9 iunie 2023


The national economic security is a complex and multilevel structure. In addition, it is an integral characteristic of the state of the economic system, since the system includes a number of subsystems – the most important, interconnected structural components of economic security, reflecting the functioning of the economy separate sectors. The main task of the state is to ensure a guaranteed level of security for all its constituent components, including methods of neutralizing the negative impact of internal and external threats. The dynamics of such macroeconomic indicators as: gross domestic product, inflation, money supply have been investigated. The volume and level of expenditures on national defense financing are analyzed, which testify to the provision of the necessary conditions for the countryʼs defense capability. An integral index of the countryʼs economic security has been constructed and factors that have a negative impact on the level of economic security of the country have been identified. The comparison of the state of economic development of Ukraine with other countries of the world by the index of global competitiveness, the quality of populationʼs life, the level of social development and military power has been made. A multi-factor multiple regression model of Ukraineʼs economic security has been constructed and factors have been identified that play a significant role in threatening the countryʼs economic and national security.

national security, National Economic Security, threats to economic security, modeling of national security, military power of the state, globalization processes, integral index, regression model