The role of community in the framework of educational factors diversification
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DANDARA, Otilia. The role of community in the framework of educational factors diversification. In: Education for values - continuity and context, Ed. Ediția 5, 25-28 aprilie 2018, Iasi, Chisinau. Iasi, Chisinau: EDlearning, 2018, pp. 455-460. ISBN 978-88-87729-48-1.
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Education for values - continuity and context 2018
Conferința "Education for values - continuity and context"
Ediția 5, Iasi, Chisinau, Romania, 25-28 aprilie 2018

The role of community in the framework of educational factors diversification

Pag. 455-460

Dandara Otilia
Moldova State University
Disponibil în IBN: 19 aprilie 2023


Education is an issue of utmost importance to the societies interested in the long term development and welfare of its citizens. The key premises of the reform initiative are enhancing activism behavior and common engagement of the society. Educational activity is performed in an educational context, which implies an educational system, too, and includes different educational factors that have a direct influence and are interdependent. This process changes the awareness and the behavior of the person, thus adapting it to the parameters required by the environment. The need for modelling long-life human awareness and behaviour is explained not just by the formal education in school, but also by the ascending role of the informal and non-formal education achieved by means of community influence. At the conceptual level, community comprises groups of social influences, which are spontaneous, heterogeneous, incidental and have educational effects that take up most of a person’s life. The more these influences are developed, the more important the value of the community as and educational factor is. The issue of community's educational influence should be presented at systemic level in the light of educational factors and influence processes. In rural areas of Republic of Moldova, the relationship between family, school and community is rendered on the basis of local peculiarities. Traditionally, community used to play a major educational role of corrective character in terms of system of values and behaviour in specific life situations. Nowadays education is influenced by a phenomenon specific to the present, and namely, the process of educational factors diversification, that requires a change in the educational approach. The efforts to enhance and promote the good practices represent an important source for the educational theory and practice.

education, educational factors, educational partnership, community