Tumor mezodermal mixt, malign a uterului
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PETROVICI, Virgil; NEDBAILO, Ecaterina; MIŞINA, Ana; TCACENCO, Olga; SAMOHVALOVA, Tatiana. Tumor mezodermal mixt, malign a uterului. In: Buletin de Perinatologie. 2010, nr. 4(48), pp. 41-44. ISSN 1810-5289.
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Buletin de Perinatologie
Numărul 4(48) / 2010 / ISSN 1810-5289

Tumor mezodermal mixt, malign a uterului

Pag. 41-44

Petrovici Virgil1, Nedbailo Ecaterina2, Mişina Ana2, Tcacenco Olga2, Samohvalova Tatiana
1 Universitatea de Stat de Medicină şi Farmacie „Nicolae Testemiţanu“,
2 IMSP Institutul Mamei şi Copiluluii
Disponibil în IBN: 16 decembrie 2013


Materials and methods: As a fundament were utilized medical documents, diagnostic abrasion of uterine cavity, laboratory results, imagistic results and histopathological examination with utilization of routine methodology and light microscopy. Results: The results of effectuated studies in this case revealed the coexistence in the same time of malignant mixed mezodermal tumor with some congenital malformations of the system, which characterize his congenital provenience and initial evolution as asymptomatic benign tumor with a long period of 57 years and no special imagistic features. Evaluation of clinico-morphological changes revealed the possibility of the evolution of malignant mixed mesodermal tumor as a result of malignant changes of heterogeneous structural components, becoming an aggressive tumor with both histopathological characteristics: with carcinomatous and sarcomatous elements, the carcinomatous one being more dominant. At analysis of this case some literature data are given which reflect the particularities of diagnosis and treatment management in case of malignant mixed mesodermal tumor. Conclusion: A revision of specialty literature, including Medline, have not revealed other cases of malignant mixed mesodermal tumor diagnosed primarily on occasion by abrasion of uterine cavity, which denotes importance of this method in this case. Mixed mesodermal tumors of uterus are malignant tumors or progress to malignant and are characterized by latent evolution, becoming aggressive tumors with both histopathological features: carcinomatous and sarcomatous. Surgical treatment is mandatory in case of diagnosis of mixed mesodermal tumors.