Tactics of criminal prosecution actions: notion, content, system
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JITARIUC, Vitalie. Tactics of criminal prosecution actions: notion, content, system . In: Romanian Journal of Forensic Science, 2022, nr. 2, pp. 128-133. ISSN 2069-2617.
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Romanian Journal of Forensic Science
Numărul 2 / 2022 / ISSN 2069-2617

Tactics of criminal prosecution actions: notion, content, system

Tactica acțiunilor de urmărire penală: noțiune, conținut, sistem

CZU: 343.985

Pag. 128-133

Jitariuc Vitalie
National Investigation Inspectorate
Disponibil în IBN: 8 septembrie 2022


Forensic tactics is a system of scientific theses and recommendations, developed based on these theses, concerning the organization and planning of criminal prosecution, determining the behavior of persons involved in criminal evidence and specific procedures of criminal prosecution, aimed at collecting and examining evidence, establishing the causes and conditions that contributed to the commission of the crime. Forensic tactics, in fact, like forensics as a whole, has emerged and is developing as a field of science that provides assistance to law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime. It has the mission to streamline this activity, to solve various tasks related to the prevention, investigation and detection of crimes. The fight against crime is also, in turn, a source of development and appreciation of forensic tactics, and of provisions and recommendations developed by it. The tactics of criminal prosecution actions is called to ensure its maximum efficiency in the conditions of strict observance of the legal norms. However, the achievement of this goal presupposes a certain structure of the tactics of criminal prosecution actions, a certain system and content.

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