Biblioteca universitară. Interculturalitate versus globalizare
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GHIMPU, Natalia. Biblioteca universitară. Interculturalitate versus globalizare. In: Symposia Professorum. 21 octombrie 2005, Chişinău. Chişinău: Editura ULIM, 2005, pp. 102-105. ISBN 978-9975-934-90-9.
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Symposia Professorum 2005
Simpozionul "Symposia Professorum"
Chişinău, Moldova, 21 octombrie 2005

Biblioteca universitară. Interculturalitate versus globalizare

Pag. 102-105

Ghimpu Natalia
Departamentul Informaţional Biblioteconomic ULIM
Disponibil în IBN: 13 iulie 2022


With its informational, patrimonial, librarianship, communicational functions, a library is within the high educational community an important cultural agent. The author discovers and underlines the components of the library’s cultural function. This function is treated as a controversial phenomenon, which has both adepts and enemies. The cultural function concept of DIB ULIM underlines 2 important components of the “culture” phenomenon: general culture and intercultural environment. The concept is materialized in a cycle of activities, which form part in harmony of the DIB orientation to diversify the services in benefit of the graduate community.