Development of agrotourism application in ganja-gazakh economic circle
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2022-10-18 12:46
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MUSAYEV, Jeyhun. Development of agrotourism application in ganja-gazakh economic circle. In: Vector European, 2022, nr. 1, pp. 75-80. ISSN 2345-1106. DOI:
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Vector European
Numărul 1 / 2022 / ISSN 2345-1106 /ISSNe 2587-358X

Development of agrotourism application in ganja-gazakh economic circle

CZU: 338.48(479.24)

Pag. 75-80

Musayev Jeyhun
Baku Business University
Disponibil în IBN: 20 mai 2022


Azerbaijan has its geographical position, nature, history, and material-moral resources dating back hundreds of years. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any problem for the development of agro tourism. Local citizens should be properly mobilized in this direction, and regional centers should be established for the development of agrarian tourism in each economic region. At the same time, special stimulating credit conditions should be created in the banking sector to build local small agro businesses in the regions. In this regard, the problem of self-financing of the regions will be eliminated and the dependence of the regions on the state budget can be minimized. Tourism is one of the most potentially developing sectors of the non-oil sector in the Republic of Azerbaijan in a modern market economy. Since independence, the state has shown great interest in various areas of tourism in any part of the country, and the geographical location and climate zone of Azerbaijan is suitable for any type of tourism. As the youngest and most developed type of tourism in recent years, it is in the interest of the state in the field of agro-tourism. This type of tourism has been used and developed in many foreign countries for over a century. Ganja-Gazakh economic region, the second largest economic region of Azerbaijan, is suitable for any field of tourism in terms of its economic and geographical location. For this reason, the main purpose of the study is to ensure the application of agritourism in the Ganja-Gazakh economic region and to study the issues of educating the population in this region in the field of tourism.

development of agro-tourism, regional potential, experience of agro-tourism in the world, financing of regions