The effect of algal suspension “Clorella vulgaris” using in artificial raising of queens
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EREMIA, Nicolae, BAHCIVANJI, Mihail, ZAGAREANU, Andrei. The effect of algal suspension “Clorella vulgaris” using in artificial raising of queens. In: Scientific Papers. Series D. Animal Science, 2012, nr. 1(55), pp. 158-161. ISSN 2285-5750.
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Scientific Papers. Series D. Animal Science
Numărul 1(55) / 2012 / ISSN 2285-5750 /ISSNe 2393-2260

The effect of algal suspension “Clorella vulgaris” using in artificial raising of queens

CZU: 579.64:636.084:638.12

Pag. 158-161

Eremia Nicolae1, Bahcivanji Mihail2, Zagareanu Andrei1
1 State Agrarian University of Moldova ,
2 Scientific and practical institute of Biotechnologies in Animal Husbandry Veterinari Medicine
Disponibil în IBN: 17 februarie 2022


Obtaining of bees products depends on the conditions of maintenance of bees’ families, organization of breeding work, selection, the honey and the quality of queens obtained from specialized apiary. The goal of the research was to determine the influence of using the algal suspension "Clorella Vulgaris" in acceptance larvae inoculating for queens rearing, length, diameter and mass of queen - cells, and mass of mated or none mated queens. There had been noted that using of algal suspension "Clorella Vulgaris" with sugar in the diet of queens nurse family, contributes the queen cells development, influencing the mass, length and diameter of queen - cells. During the active season for lack of natural harvesting (nectar, pollen), is beneficial to use algal suspension "Clorella Vulgaris" to supplement biological mixture of sugar 1:1, the amount of one liter per nurses family nutrition, from the moment of larvae inoculation to capped queen - cells (5 days).

algal suspension, Bees, beehives, Food, honey, queen - cell, queens sugar, syrup

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<title>The effect of algal suspension &ldquo;Clorella vulgaris&rdquo; using in artificial raising of queens</title>
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