Inhabitants’ opinion concerning the agro-food industrial wastes
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PATRAȘ, Antoanela; CHIRUTA, Ciprian; TELIBAN, Gabriel-Ciprian; BĂETU, Mihai-Marius; STURZA, Rodica. Inhabitants’ opinion concerning the agro-food industrial wastes. In: Intelligent Valorisation of Agro-Food Industrial Wastes. 7-8 octombrie 2021, Chişinău. Chişinău: Tipografie „MS Logo” SRL, 2021, p. 19. ISBN 978-9975-3464-2-9.
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Intelligent Valorisation of Agro-Food Industrial Wastes 2021
Conferința "Intelligent Valorisation of Agro-Food Industrial Wastes"
Chişinău, Moldova, 7-8 octombrie 2021

Inhabitants’ opinion concerning the agro-food industrial wastes

Pag. 19-19

Patraș Antoanela1, Chiruta Ciprian1, Teliban Gabriel-Ciprian1, Băetu Mihai-Marius1, Sturza Rodica2
1 “Ion Ionescu de la Brad” Iasi University of Life Sciences,
2 Technical University of Moldova
Disponibil în IBN: 13 octombrie 2021


Introduction. The agro-food industries are continuously expanding, following the increase of population and the demand for processed food. Consequently, they produce important amounts of waste, which are often stored for a while inside or next to the producing companies, before to be transported for eventually further processing. The inhabitants living next to the companies may be disturbed by the smell of waste, by insects and animals attracted by it, or by other related problems. This study presents the opinion of inhabitants living in the neighborhood of a food processing company, concerning the produced wastes. Material and methods. A survey containing 12 questions was applied to the population living next to a food processing company in September 2021. Results. Majority of the surveyed population affirmed that the agro-food industrial wastes represent a small or moderate problem and they admitted that there are no or very slight ecological problems for the environment, due to the fact that the food industrial waste in their neighborhood is stored for a short time and on a cement platform. The big majority of the surveyed population stated that on their opinion, the agro-food industrial waste must be reused and they agree to introduce it in food and cosmetic products. Also they strongly agree that there is a need for national/international projects in the domain of processing the agro-industrial waste. Conclusions. The superior valorization of agro-food industrial wastes is a general wish of the population and could bring economic, social and environmental benefits.

agro-food industrial waste, consumer, processing, reuse, valorization