Instruirea în domeniul inventicii (I)
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Общая методология. Научные и технические методы исследований, изучения, поисков и дискуссий. Научный анализ и синтез (1010)
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SANDU, Ion; SANDU, Gabriel. Instruirea în domeniul inventicii (I) . In: Intellectus. 2006, nr. 2, pp. 93-98. ISSN 1810-7079.
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Numărul 2 / 2006 / ISSN 1810-7079 /ISSNe 1810-7087

Instruirea în domeniul inventicii (I)
CZU: 37.036:001.894

Pag. 93-98

Sandu Ion, Sandu Gabriel
Disponibil în IBN: 30 noiembrie 2013


The paper represents a prime image on the experience in Iassi higher education in the field of inventions and contribution of the other institutions and centers of the world, accentuating the place and the role of the afferent disciplines in the formation of future specialists in the field of technical creativity and in intellectual, industrial and cultural property rights protection. Moreover, in the light of the contributions made by WIPO, Universities, and other international organizations in profile, there are represented some aspects on the disciplines as well as abstract, professional and practical courses conceiving, together with elaboration of the analytic programs and the education plans methodology. In this connection, it is marked out the role of some state bodies, stimulating the technical creation beginning with the conception up to the application.

invention, intellectual,

industrial and cultural property, trans- and interdisciplinarity, patent on invention