Gândirea creativă și abilitățile de comunicare la locul de muncă
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RUSU, Marinela. Gândirea creativă și abilitățile de comunicare la locul de muncă. In: Creativitatea şi dezvoltarea personală : dimensiuni psihologice și filozofice. Ediția a-XI-a, Vol. 1, 22-23 octombrie 2020, Iaşi. România, Iaşi: Performantica, 2020, pp. 17-24. ISBN 978-606-685-717-8.
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Creativitatea şi dezvoltarea personală : dimensiuni psihologice și filozofice
Ediția a-XI-a, Vol. 1, 2020
Conferința "Creativitatea şi dezvoltarea personală : dimensiuni psihologice și filozofice"
Iaşi, Romania, 22-23 octombrie 2020

Gândirea creativă și abilitățile de comunicare la locul de muncă

Creative thinking and communication skills

CZU: 159.954.4+316.77

Pag. 17-24

Rusu Marinela
Institutul de Cercetari Economice şi Sociale “Gheorghe Zane” , Iaşi
Disponibil în IBN: 11 februarie 2021


Communication and its affiliated skills shape and develops an individual's career. Communication skills develop personality and, at the same time, increase the chances of a promising career. An interesting fact suggests that individuals spend about 3/4 of their entire working time within an organization or at the workplace. Therefore, the ability to think sensitively and reasonably reflect ideas and thoughts is an appropriate, necessary way to manifest yourself in different social contexts and in a particular workplace. Every step you take at work depends very much on communication. Whether it is a transfer of information to a superior or subordinate, between colleagues or from one business organization to another, each connection has communication at its center. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to deepen the importance of effective communication in the workplace and to explore the role of creative thinking and critical thinking in making difficult decisions, solving problems and conflicts, finding innovative ideas and developing leadership skills. Creativity in communication gives the possibility to approach new ways of interpretation and expression, at the same time. From a communication point of view, creativity seeks innovation and is involved in generating new ideas in the communication process. However, being creative in communication is not the only agenda. Analyzing a situation, critical thinking, using problem solving techniques through analogies, generalizations and comparisons are also essential elements in communication process. These skill sets are important in workplace conduct to make communication more pragmatic and relationship oriented.

communication skills, creativity, interpersonal communication, creative thinking, critical thinking

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