Variety of cryptocurrency - bitcoin mainstream profile
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YANEVA, Mariya. Variety of cryptocurrency - bitcoin mainstream profile. In: Competitivitatea şi inovarea în economia cunoaşterii, 25-26 septembrie 2020, Chişinău. Chişinău Republica Moldova: Centrul Editorial-Poligrafic al ASEM, 2020, Ediţia a 22-a , pp. 609-613. ISBN 978-9975-75-985-4.
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Competitivitatea şi inovarea în economia cunoaşterii
Ediţia a 22-a , 2020
Conferința "Competitivitate şi inovare în economia cunoaşterii"
Chişinău, Moldova, 25-26 septembrie 2020

Variety of cryptocurrency - bitcoin mainstream profile

JEL: A10, F15, M21, G23

Pag. 609-613

Yaneva Mariya
D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics, Svishtov
Disponibil în IBN: 2 decembrie 2020


One of the most discussed subject in our society is related to the emergence of a new, alternative way of payment and trade between economic agents. The advent of cyber technology and decentralized digital money is seen as controversial, and among the many varieties of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is rapidly gaining popularity among cryptocurrencies. In this regard, the subject of this study are cryptocurrencies, and the aim is to analyze Bitcoin as the first decentralized cryptocurrency, clarifying its mainstream profile.

bitcoin, Blockchain, digital money, mainstream profile, variety of cryptocurrency

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