Декалог в аспекте работы мифологического сознания
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2021-03-30 09:48
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Логика. Эпистимология. Теория познания. Методология и логика науки (84)
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КУШНИР, Жозефина. Декалог в аспекте работы мифологического сознания. In: Intertext . 2020, nr. 3-4(55-56), pp. 18-28. ISSN 1857-3711.
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Numărul 3-4(55-56) / 2020 / ISSN 1857-3711

Декалог в аспекте работы мифологического сознания

Decalogue in the aspect of mythological consciousness work

CZU: 165.742
Pag. 18-28

Кушнир Жозефина
Институт культурного наследия
Disponibil în IBN: 1 decembrie 2020


Ten Commandments are being examined in terms of the particular work of mythological consciousness, which, according to J.J. Wunenburger, is a “way of coagulating the general meaning” (the instruments used are the components of our previous studies: the concept of humanization of myth and the concept of megamodern). It is revealed that mythological consciousness communicates special essential information in the Decalogue, implicitly emphasizing, developing, and dictating the following series of basic principles of the attitude towards the world and behavior. 1. Increased attention to ethical topics. 2. Inclination to develop, make more profound, and comprehend the contact with the bright essence of existence.3. Striving for development and using one’s intellect.4. Desire to learn and teach issues already learned. 5. Humanism, in particular, comprehended as further understanding the concept of man as a being of absolute significance, sacred and coessential to infinity; it is perceived as the true essence of existence – bright, creating all the good things, and equivalent to the infinity of love. 6. Intention to committing actions (both on the physical level and the metaphysical one) aimed at the ethicizing harmonization of the Universe. 7. Sensation of absolute freedom (the things one essentially desires are dictated, and virtually absolute support is promised from the infinite power), including freedom of thought.8. Sensitiveness – though often unconscious – to the encouraging, metaphysically perceived response from God (ethics) to a particular person’s individual choice.

decalogue, ethics, mythological consciousness, concept of humanization of myth, concept of megamodern, humanism