Conimid – un nou compus biologic activ cu proprietăți antioxidante
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ŞTEFÎRŢĂ, Anastasia, BULHAC, Ion, MELENCIUC, Mihail, COROPCEANU, Eduard, BUCEACEAIA, Svetlana, ALUCHI, Nicolae, BOLOGA, Olga. Conimid – un nou compus biologic activ cu proprietăți antioxidante. In: Genetica, fiziologia şi ameliorarea plantelor, Ed. 5, 23-24 octombrie 2014, Chişinău. 2014, Ediția 5, pp. 436-440.
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Genetica, fiziologia şi ameliorarea plantelor
Ediția 5, 2014
Conferința "Genetica, fiziologia şi ameliorarea plantelor"
5, Chişinău, Moldova, 23-24 octombrie 2014

Conimid – un nou compus biologic activ cu proprietăți antioxidante

CZU: 631.95

Pag. 436-440

Ştefîrţă Anastasia1, Bulhac Ion2, Melenciuc Mihail1, Coropceanu Eduard2, Buceaceaia Svetlana1, Aluchi Nicolae1, Bologa Olga2
1 Institutul de Genetică, Fiziologie şi Protecţie a Plantelor al AŞM,
2 Institutul de Chimie al AŞM
Disponibil în IBN: 30 iulie 2020


According to the classic concept the content of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in cells of plants dependedon the balance between their production and degradation processes controlled by both, enzymatic and metabolic antioxidants.The traditional classification needed renewing, because many investigations demonstrated that many biologically active compounds had ROS controlling properties.This paper aimed to extend the current concept about the potential antioxidant, in particular, of the role of a new coordination compound of cobalt - conimid, on antioxidant enzyme activity of plants under drought. Elucidating the interaction of conimid and the controlling ROS mechanisms during abiotic stress will facilitate the development of strategies to enhance tolerance of plants to drought.

plant, biologically active substances, Antioxidant enzymes, malonic dialdehyde, assimilating pigments, Photosynthesis, growth, Productivity