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pISSN: 2587-3458
eISSN: 2587-3466
One Health and Risk Management
  • A (19.12.2023-19.12.2027)
  • B (22.12.2021-18.12.2023)

The journal publishes original, research and synthesis articles, case reports, experimental observations, studies on clinical trials and research findings regarding the medical and biological sciences.

The materials are published both in Romanian, as well as in other languages of international circulation (English, French and Russian).

Articles will follow its own structure of scientific publications and shall contain the following sections:

  • foreword (introductory message, argument);
  • editorial (the appeal to the authors and readers of One Health & Risk Management magazine);
  • research articles (results of scientific studies conducted by well-known specialists, as well as by young researchers from the Republic of Moldova and from the international scientific community);
  • synthesis article/report (scientific paper/study methodology on particular research phenomena, which includes  essential data described in a series of studies, thus shifting from both particular to general and from simple to compound in order to generalize or to bring together various theories/ideas);
  • case presentations and clinical laboratory stock images; book reviews and presentations (brief presentation of a scientific paper (on its appearance), containing critical comments and appraisals);
  • didactic articles (used as teaching materials for ongoing medical education of academic-related staff).

The magazine pages also include  the Events/Anniversaries section (articles about outstanding  personalities, reviews of the most important events,  information on organization/ planning scientific events, as well as commemorative articles).

The above mentioned content  may vary from one edition to another, depending on the type of the submitted articles.

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One Health approach in a changing world 5-5
Cebanu Serghei
Food behavior, social aspects and nutritional status in Romania 6-6

CZU: 613.2(498)

Matran Irina Mihaela , Martin-Hadmas Roxana , Fazakas Zita , Guine Raquel
Safety of the hospital environment 7-7

CZU: 614.2:616-082

Ciobanu Elena
Atmospheric air pollution and health status of the population of the Chisinau - city 8-8

CZU: [504.3.054+614.2](478-25)

Friptuleac Grigore , Lupu Marina
Climate change: perspectives on medical education in the Republic of Moldova 9-9

CZU: [551.583+614.2](478)

Croitoru Cătălina
Global health education program: experience of a multidisciplinary curriculum at the school of medicine In Rouen, France 10-10

CZU: 37.016:61(44)

Ladner Joel
Concerns regarding the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic on children healt 11-11

CZU: 616-036.22:578.834+614.2-053.2

Marinescu Valentina , Rodideal Anda
Health promotion and health education in schools 12-12

CZU: 37.016:61

Cazacu-Stratu Angela
Physical development and eating habits of a group of teenagers from dimitrie cantemir high school in Iasi 13-13

CZU: [613.96+613.22]:373.5(498-21)

Albu Adriana , Abdulan Irina , Ghica Dragoș-Cătălin
COVID-19 vaccine acceptance, hesitancy and resistancy among university students in France 14-14

CZU: [616-036.22:578.834+614.47-057.875](44)

Tavolacci Marie Pierre , Dechelotte Pierre , Ladner Joel
Medical and social aspects of population safety and protection in wars and armed conflicts 15-15

CZU: [614.8+364.04]:327.5

Dumitraş Vasile
Characteristics of doctors’ activity 16-16

CZU: 614.254/.256

Grama Doina
Antibiotic resistance and biofilm formation of strains isolated from trophic ulcers 17-17

CZU: 615.

Creciun Lilian , Balan Greta
Nanotechnology approaches for fungal diseases 18-18

CZU: 579.61:615.282

Burduniuc (Popa) Olga
International network for improving occupational health in Moldova 19-19

CZU: 613.6(100:478)

Cheptea Dumitru , Russu-Deleu Raisa , Ciobanu Elena , Villani Simon , Popa Ioana , Felszeghi Sara , Kortesi Peter , Cebanu Serghei
Exposure to pesticide- safety problem 20-20

CZU: 614.878.084:632.95

Zavtoni Mariana , Bernic Vladimir
Food alerts and health risks in Romanian online media 21-21

CZU: 614.31:070:004(498)

Balica Ecaterina
Possible algorithms for determining adverse reactions caused by food supplements in Romania 22-22

CZU: [613.2+614.3](498)

Matran Irina Mihaela , Muntean Daniela-Lucia , Niculas Cristina , Martin-Hadmas Roxana , Tarcea Monica
Factors influencing the health status of young athletes 23-23

CZU: 613.96:796

Cebanu Serghei , Ştefaneţ Gheorghe , Jucov Artiom , Federiuc Victoria
Stress among local and international medical students 24-24

CZU: 159.942-057.875:378.61

Nabari Suleiman Mohammad
Informing medical students about the effects of climate change on health 25-25

CZU: 551.583:614.2+378.61-057.875

Agachie Lia-Mirela
The etiology of healthcare-associated infections in newborns 26-26

CZU: 614.4-02-053.31

Nichitovici Cristiana , Lozan-Tyrshu K.
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus: an overview of basic and clinical research 27-27

CZU: 616.98-07:579.861.2

Iunac Dmitrii , Ivanova Svetlana
Antibiotic resistance of Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains isolated from patients 28-28

CZU: 615.33.015.8:579.841.1

Balan Greta , Tapu Livia , Susac Aliona , Craciun Olga , Burduniuc (Popa) Olga
Emergence of carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae: overview of a major public health challenge 29-29

CZU: 615.33.015.8+579.842.1/.2

Burduniuc (Popa) Olga , Bivol Maria , Brînza Olga , Craciun Olga , Balan Greta
Factors affecting treatment compliance of patients with multimorbidity 30-30

CZU: 616-091.8

Dawoud Abd el Razek
Medical and social aspects of arterial hypertension 31-31

CZU: 616.12-008.331.1-07-08

Andriuta Tatiana
Risk assessment of healthcare workers’activity 32-32

CZU: 614.256

Romaniuc Corina
A comparative clinical picture of dementia 33-33

CZU: 616.895.8-071

Cotelea Valeria
The relationship between health and climate change 34-34

CZU: 551.583+614.2

Beloded Irina
Mental health during the COVID-19 quarantine in five countries 35-35

CZU: 616.89-008.1+616-036.22:578.834

Bedoya Cardona Erika Yohanna , Popa Ioana , Morandi Anna , Montomoli Cristina
Epidemiological particulars of family focuses with COVID-19 36-36

CZU: 616-036.22:578.834

Bârcâ Ludmila , Spătaru Diana , Cornilov Stela , Hemei Viorica , Aioani Olesea
On the development of a methodology for studying the synergic effect of radon and smoking on the occurrence of lung cancer 37-37

CZU: 616.24-006-036

Coreţchi Liuba , Overcenco Ala , Ababii Aurelia
The effect of communication in changing health-risk behaviors 38-38

CZU: 159.923.5

Marian-Suparschii Maria
Correlation between echocardiographic parameters of left ventricular and glycosylated hemoglobin in children with type 1 diabetes mellitus 39-39

CZU: 612.015.3:616.379-008.64-053.2

Eşanu Valeriu , Palii Ina
Risk factors impacting pedestrian safety 40-40

CZU: 614.86:656.08

Cazacu-Stratu Camelia
Cryoballoon ablation of atrial fibrillation in Republic of Moldova. Three years of experience 41-41

CZU: 616.12-008.313-08

Darciuc Radu , Boiciuc Irina , Diker Erdem
Dietary supplement use in fighting COVID-19 infection 42-42

CZU: 613.2:616-036.22:578.834

Rusu Radu
Salt intake and salt reduction in India 43-43

CZU: 613.27:664.42(540)

Aasif Ganai Mohammad
Human health influenced by global warming and mass-media coverage 44-44

CZU: 614.2

Gaidarji Lidia
Postoperative morbidity after radical gastric resections 45-45

CZU: 616.33-006-089-091.8

Mamaliga Catalina
Epidemiological and clinical features of rotaviral infection 46-46

CZU: 616.98:578.823.91-036.22-07-091.8

Capcelea Alina , Berdeu Ion
Epidemiological and clinical features of viral hepatitis A 47-47

CZU: 616.36-002-036.22-071

Tomac Olga , Berdeu Ion
Evaluation of fast-food consumption by young people in chisinau municipality, Republic of Moldova 48-48

CZU: 613.2-053.6(478)

Chirlici Alexei , Rubanovici Vladislav , Panainte Vasile
Risk factors of SARS-CoV-2 infection 49-49

CZU: 616-036.22:578.834-036.1

Calenici Eugeniu
Particularities of eating disorders prevalence inadolescents 50-50

CZU: 613.2-053.6

Gîţu Lora
Some angiographical aspects of myocardial bridges 51-51

CZU: 616.127-008.331.1-036

Taşnic Mihail , Catereniuc Ilia
Antimicrobial and antifungal activity of Cu(II) and Bi(III) complexes based on aminopolycarboxylate ions and 2-formyl and 2-acetylpyridine thiosemicarbazones 52-52

CZU: 615.281/.282:546.06

Negutsa Elena , Balan Greta , Gulya Aurelian , Bulimestru Ion
Long-term trends in cancer mortality in the Republic of Moldova 53-53

CZU: 616-006-091(478)

Penina Olga
Occupational health hazards among prehospital care emergency medical services in Republic of Moldova 54-54

CZU: 613.6:614.256(478)

Stinca Kristina , Pynzaru Iu. , Tonu Tatiana
Treatment of ovarian cancer in advanced stages 55-55

CZU: 618.11-006-036.1-089

Para Nadejda
Molecular characteristics of antibioic resistance of Salmonella spp., isolated from food products 56-56

CZU: 613.2:579.67:579.25

Behta Emilia
The influence of beekeeping products on the health of the population of the Republic of Moldova 57-57

CZU: 614.2+638.16/.17(478)

Mîțu Alexandru
The social stress of publichealth emergencies among medical practitioners 58-58

CZU: 159.942:614.253

Timofti Victoria
Occupational characteristics of the surgeon’s work 59-59

CZU: 617-089:614.254

Maidanschi Lidia
Global warming or global cooling? 60-60

CZU: 551.583(100)

Niță Andrei
The role of boron and its compounds in preventing osteoarticular diseases 61-61

CZU: 546.271.055/.056+616.71-007.1

Racu Maria-Victoria , Scorei Ion Romulus , Pynzaru Iu.
Strengthening the capacity of anti-doping education 62-62

CZU: 796.062:615.2

Jucov Artiom , Timercan Tatiana
The use of biomass of streptomycetes as a stimulator of some body weight indices in chickens 63-63

CZU: 636.52/.58.084.1

Petcu Igor , Starchiuc Nicolae
Cerebrospinal fever, particularity of laboratory diagnosis 64-64

CZU: 616.9-036.25-07

Sapir Guy , Cojocari Daniela
Cardiohemodynamic indices changes in students during the computer lesson 65-65

CZU: 612.13:616-089.5-057.875

Bani Rabia Ibrahim Khaled
Prevention strategies for parasitic infections 66-66

CZU: 614.4

Lozneanu Irina
Epidemiological aspects, diagnosis and prevention of rotaviral infection 67-67

CZU: 616.98:578.823.91-036.22-07

Salti Ahmad Adnan
Clinical-epidemiological aspects of pediatric patients with COVID-19 68-68

CZU: 616-036.22:578.834-036.1-053.2

Bârcâ Ludmila , Cornilov Stela , Spătaru Diana , Taburceanu Elena , Ştirbu Tatiana
Assessment of lifestyle among students 69-69

CZU: 378.17:613.6.01-057.875

Gurusciuc Mariana
Subclinical varicocele – a cause of male infertility 70-70

CZU: 616.147.22-007.64-089-036

Maidanschi Nicanor
Diet behavior in adolescent girls, factors and consequences of non compliance 71-71

CZU: 613.24-055.2-036+1

Lungu Catalina
Sleep disorder as a predisposing factor to obesity 72-72

CZU: 616.8-009.836+616-056

Tafuni Ovidiu , Toma Maria-Mirabela , Tomacinschii Angela
Biosafety and biosecurity practices in microbiological laboratory 73-73

CZU: 57:616.9:576.8.095+62

Hamza Hamza , Bivol Maria
Mortality attributable to COVID-19 and air pollution. An italian case study 74-74

CZU: 314.42:[616-036.22:578.834+504.3.054](450)

Scardo Sara , Vegezzi Luca , Villani Simon
The challenges and solutions on antimicrobial resistance 75-75

CZU: 615.281:579.61/.62

Samah Musa Abu Kaf
Laboratory diagnosis approaches of COVID-19 infection 76-76

CZU: 616.9:578.834+614.4

Hujeirat Ibrahim Ahmad
First national point prevalence survey of healthcare-associated infections and antimicrobial use in acute care hospitals in the Republic of Moldova 77-77

CZU: 614.2:616-082

Busuioc Ecaterina , Caterinciuc Natalia
The impact of technology on the human body 78-78

CZU: 004+616-092

Bassarab Anisia
Occupational morbidity among healthcare workers 79-79

CZU: 613.62:614.25

Garabajiu Irina
The importance of global warming and public health legislation 80-80

CZU: 551.58+614.2

Josan Laura
Workplace violence against medical staff 81-81

CZU: 613.6.02:614.255

Uglea Maria
Promoting knowledge on climate change 82-82

CZU: 551.58+614.2

Cebotari Mihaela
The impact of computers on children's health 83-83

CZU: 004+616-053.2

Lupescu Nadina
The major risk factors for road traffic injuries 84-84

CZU: 616-001+614.8

Cociu Svetlana , Ioncu Olga , Cazacu-Stratu Camelia , Ceban Sergiu , Hamann Cara
Controversial views on climate change 85-85

CZU: 551.583+61

Majed Abu Slemy Lail
Health consequences of extreme temperatures driven by climate change 86-86

CZU: 504.75.05:614.2

Cucu Zinaida
The myths and realities of COVID-19: a perception study for west 87-87

CZU: 616-036.22:578.834

Abdullahi Muhammad
Preventive measures of rabies in wildlife in the Republic of Moldova 88-88

CZU: 619:6198:578.824:616-036.22

Starchiuc Nicolae , Sîrbu Maxim
Activity of the outpatient center of the ministry of defense in COVID-19 pandemic conditions 89-89

CZU: 616-036.22:578.834:556.33

Marfin Andrei , Cîrlan Sergiu , Dumitraş Vasile
Prevention of acute non-professional chemical poisonings in the Republic of Moldova 90-90

CZU: 614.3:615.91(478)

Tonu Tatiana , Pynzaru Iu. , Stinca Kristina
Full genome sequence of the first SARS-CoV-2 isolates detected in the Republic of Moldova 91-91

CZU: 575.1:578.834:616.24-002.6(478)

Ulinici Mariana
The influence of biologically active compounds on oxidative stress markers and antioxidant system 92-92

CZU: 615.214.3.03:612.766.1

Balan Greta
The laboratory diagnosis of Lyme disease 93-93

CZU: 616-022.7

Abo Lil Rawan Raed
The link between infertility and weight. Gender differences 94-94

CZU: [618.177+616.697]:616-056.25

Burduniuc Aurelia
Microbiology and epidemiology of surgical site infections 95-95

CZU: [579.61+616-036.22]:616-089

Nagy Lilia